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Business Analysis

Dr. Pieper & Partner will undertake an in-depth financial analysis of your car dealership business. We will require access to financial statements to assess current profitability and future viability in the car dealership industry. We will also assess whether the dealership is suitable for business transformation and a variety of repurposing concepts. This requires an assessment of the architectural structure of the current buildings, safety compliance, city planning permissions, renewable energy potential and the most importantly, the location of the property with reference to the surrounding commercial areas, and its future commercial potential.

Some of these questions can be answered by studying the existing plans but many will require an on-site visit. The result of this phase is an integrated document, with plans, photos and the evaluation of strengths and weaknesses. The opportunities and risks will be evaluated for your car dealership and business property. On that basis, we will discuss options for the transformation of your business and the repurposed concept for your property. We will guide you through every step of the process and discuss what the implications are for you, the owner.

When the financial analysis has been completed, we can assist you, the owner of the car dealership, to make an informed decision about whether your business can be sold in its existing form, or whether it is suitable for business transformation and repurposing to an profitable alternative model.



We will assist you in analysing your car dealership business in order to determine it's suitability for business transformation and repurposing. We can then guide you through the entire process, including the let or sale of your future concept.

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