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Business Transformation and Repurposing

The need for business transformation in the car dealership industry is as a result of revolutionary changes in Automotive Industry by:

– E-mobility
– Autonomous driving
– Computerization of cars
– New services and models of mobility

As a result of such changes new dealership contracts force the dealer into alternative profitable business models. Repurposing the real estate of dealerships will in many cases become a necessity. If your car dealership business is identified as being suitable for a business transformation and repurposing concept, we will define the scope of that transformation. Together with our partners, we will assess a variety of different scenarios. For each opportunity we will specify the architectural and financial requirements and will provide you with an estimate of the future profitability of these alternative models.

Legal Advice

Dr Wesener is our Commercial Law Specialist who has in-depth knowledge of town and city commercial law and guides us through the process of obtaining legal planning permission from the relevant authorities and stakeholders.

Investment Partners

If your future business transformation and concept requires investment partners, we can assist you in identifying these partners.

Restructuring and Development

Our partners, Intec Architektur have expertise in all aspects of commercial architecture, specifically in the automotive architectural business. They will manage the design and restructuring process.



We will assist you in analysing your car dealership business in order to determine it's suitability for business transformation and repurposing. We can then guide you through the entire process, including the let or sale of your future concept.

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